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Fire Damage Can Be Long Lasting

When a fire rages through your home, there can be many long-term devastating consequences.  However, there are definite steps that you can take to minimize the damage to your home and to your life.  You can even eliminate some of these negative impacts.

Don’t Overlook Your Documents

shutterstock_123713983You likely have taken steps to protect your family and pets in the event of a home fire.  You have installed smoke detectors, implemented a fire escape plan, and placed “pet” stickers in the windows.  The protection that is often overlooked is the protection of your important documents.  The loss of crucial documents, special photographs, and important information can cause a lot of frustration and disappointment.  Some items can be replaced, but only after some hassle and possible expense.  These items can include:

  • Insurance documents
  • Credit card information
  • Hunting/fishing licenses
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage license
  • Baptism certificates
  • Warranties

Other items are gone forever.  The loss of these items can produce heartache and sadness.  These items can include:

  • Special photos that are not backed up anywhere
  • Special notes and letters

Purchase a Document Safe

There is a simple step that can be taken to avoid the hassle and the sadness. Make an investment in a document safe.  Don’t forget to actually put your valuable documents and photos in the safe!  What a disappointment it would be to have a safe in your home and yet still lose valuables in a fire because they were still placed in unprotected places.  Put the key in a safe place or even on your key ring for easy access after a fire.

It is important to realize that not everything that looks like a safe will actually protect your valuable documents from a fire.  Even if it is made out of metal, it may not do the job if the heat gets very intense.  This is a purchase when you don’t necessarily want to grab the first thing you see on the shelf.  Take the time to do a little research.  Some safes simply provide security from burglars or prying eyes.  Just because there is a lock on it does not mean it will protect your documents through a fire.  Read the boxes on the shelf and find out if the container is rated for fire.  Find out what temperatures it will resist and for how long.  You can also find much information about the fire ratings of safes on the Internet.

This is an item that you may need to spend a little more to get the protection that you desire.  If you ever must deal with a home fire and its consequences, you will be thankful that you spent the extra money to protect your photos and documents.  When you pull those precious pictures and important documents from a fire-blackened safe, you won’t mind the fact that you spent the extra money to get exactly what you needed for thorough protection.