What To Do When Fire Damages Your Property

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California is an extraordinary spot to live. The climate is awesome, the shoreline is close and the mountains are just a short commute away. The pleasant atmosphere, be that as it may, likewise makes immaculate conditions for rapidly spreading wildfires and brushfires. California residents are realizing the likelihood that these occasions can desolate whole neighborhoods and groups in a matter of hours and are occurring much more often.

After the damage to your home and valuables, it can also be a tough time mentally, for the family. Stress can easily accumulate and things begin to look bigger than they really are when trying to figure out accommodations for your family and loved ones under these unfortunate circumstances. It’s absolutely crucial that we always have an Emergency Kit available at all times for any disaster at hand.

Here’s a few tips for you, in the event that your property suffers damage from fire:

  • Report your loss as soon as possible to your Insurance Company. This will expedite your process.
  • Refrain from touching, moving or removing any damaged property prior to your adjuster arriving. This will aid in the accuracy of the claim

Following the report being submitted to your insurance company, there are a few other tips that will come in handy:

  • Survey the damaged area of the home and document in detail what is damaged.
  • If you have any photos/videos of your home prior to fire damage, provide them to your adjuster.
  • Retain and keep documents of all communication between you and your adjuster.

It will also be beneficial in the long the run to file all records and receipts for additional living expenses that were incurred if the fire caused you and your family to leave the property and seek shelter elsewhere during repair to your house; such as a motel or hotel.

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