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Dear Val and Employees, My wife and I wish to thank each and every one of you for the work you performed at our home during the past month. Beginning with the tile removal to the cleaning-up of our home we have been very impressed with the care and quality of workmanship each of the employees of Domus Construction and Design Company have provided us. You and your employees have responded to our requests and needs as if we were part of your family providing assistance or help (the wife’s fall) as if we were a family member. Val, you are responsible for putting together a team of employees who are an excellent representation of you and the company. We are proud to have each and every one of them in our home during the difficult times while their work was being performed. We sincerely thank each and every one of the employees we have had contact with and wish them the happiest of the holidays.
Leon & Vivian S.
Domus did an outstanding job that all of my friends are teasing me that they need to have a house fire to make their house more beautiful than before the fire. Domus did an excellent job. They even gave me very good tips on how to make our house better. We evaluated the other offers and I know two acquaintances who had used them and looked at their work. They are all happy and satisfied with the work they have done. They were very organized and on schedule. The house is completed and ready on promised date. I cannot think of any product they offered that I dislike. The products they offered are really good quality and top of the line. I think they went beyond the job order just to make our house more beautiful. All the employees are very courteous, helpful and the best for the job assigned to them. Would I use them again? Definitely YES. Having a fire is the most traumatic experience we have had. Domus helped us in every way they can. They informed us of all the things and facts that we must know to be able to cope with it. We were able to live comfortable on another house rented by our insurance. They let us know that the insurance company can give us upfront money. This made the situation more tolerable. Yes, Domus helped and guided us all the way from the time of the fire to our moving back to our house. THANK YOU, DOMUS/STATEWIDE.
Narita L.
I came across Statewide when they rebuilt a friend's fire damaged home. My friend was ecstatic at her new rebuilt home, and I was so impressed that I hired them to remodel my home (which was dated, but not fire damaged). They re-did the upstairs two bedroom and bath, tiling, carpet, and installed a beautiful hardwood floor throughout the entire downstairs, in a custom pattern that I saw elsewhere, but was told it was "too difficult" to install by other contractors. These guys took my example pictures and without hesitation said "absolutely we can do it". Like my friend's home, the remodel of my home was stunning. I felt like I was walking into a brand new model home every time I'd come home from work for a few weeks afterwards. I thought for sure they'd treat me like a number but they spent the time to work with me on planning and designing and I didn't feel rushed at all. The workmanship was very detailed. Solid job - no flimsy corner-cutting. I felt like I was in control, and I felt like I could talk to them about my concerns during the job (about mess, clean-up, etc) and they didn't blow me off, they were always willing to stop and make sure i was comfortable with the job as it progressed. My only complaint was at first they were working very long hours - from 8 am until 8 or 9 pm, which annoyed me until I realized that they would finish the job in a week instead of the two weeks that every other contractor estimated. I was happy to spend a week staying out of their way for a few hours after work, and sure enough, in a week they were done and my house felt like a model home. I recommend these guys. I'm planning on building a custom home in two years and will definitely use these guys for the entire custom build. True craftsmen.
Scott K.
I'm so glad that I chose Statewide to rebuild my now beautiful home. I had much hesitation at first as there were a lot of people pushing for the work. Now I understand that I couldn't have made a better choice! They are genuine, good people. A huge company that makes you feel like you're their only client. Everyone was very pleasant, did an amazing clean and neat job... and on time. Shortly after the start of the project, I realized what a difficult process this actually is. I have no idea how I would have gone through it without Statewide's help. They were extremely organized and their experience showed. My home is beautiful. Much nicer then I ever expected. And we are very happy! Thank you Statewide Team!
Rachel S.
I hired Domus to do a large remodel on my house. Everyone was so helpful, polite, and professional. They helped me figure out what to do and what would look best. The end result is one beautiful home and one very happy client. I would recommend this company in a heartbeat. They definately have a compassion for what they do and it shows through their work. I get so many compliments on my home, I'm so happy I chose Domus. They had everything done in a timely manner, always cleaned up after every project, and always remained approachable and pleasant.
Laurie L.
I originally hired Statewide to remodel my semi-custom home in Roseville, CA. They did an incredible job on my custom cabinet kitchen, all new flooring, completely remodeled bathroom, new office, etc. I was most amazed with the fact that the project was not only done on time, but was also right on budget. My husband and I were so happy with our first experience, that we hired Statewide for our second home. The new home, which we live in today is absolutely incredible. The design, craftsmanship and style is hard to believe. It's so unique. Also, the project manager Val was very helpful, easy to reach and a pleasure to work with. We were very pleased with their work and we very confident and exited to take on another project. Statewide broke ground on our new home on the lake this summer. I'll post photos as soon as it's done. Can't wait!
Rachel M.
This company has helped me and my brother so much with my mothers house after it caught fire. Shelly Gregory has called me and transferred paperwork,taken control and dealt with banks and insurance companies for me. I'm sorry that is the only name I remember but I know there was a lot of people involved and I appreciate everyone involved. They went WAY above and beyond to help! I've never met any of these people,only talked to Mrs. Gregory on the phone but she makes me feel as comfortable as family( more than most). I would recommend this company to anyone that has a disaster in their life that needs help! AGAIN THANK YOU STATEWIDE/DOMUS CONSTRUCTION!
Byron L.
When I looked for a contractor to rebuild my home that was destroyed by fire, I listed out a number of items that were critical to my selection process: Communications, Financial Solvency, Customer References, Examples of Previous Work, Presence and Presentation in meetings, Design Center and Ideas on the rebuild. Communications, by phone, text, or email, was the number one priority and weighted at 40% of my decision making criteria. The team at Statewide / Domus excelled in not only up front communications during the sales process, but after I selected them as my contractor, they fulfilled my expectations during the long eighteen month process. Statewide / Domus exceeded my performance criteria. As a demanding customer, I am very pleased with the results of the rebuild and the communications provided. The team at Statewide / Domus were excellent at maintaining a great relationship during the highs and lows of the construction process. I believe that the constant open communications we had was the key to the final results in an awesome and beautiful home.
Kilian K.
These guys are awesome! Not only are they helpful and understanding, they are knowledgeable and passionate about their jobs. I spoke with Michael, David, and Aldo all who have excellent communication and customer service. I recommend this company to any and all people who if they ever have to deal with a fire like we did or any of the other situations that this company deals with. I will forever be great full for the help, understanding, and caring that these people have given me and my family. Thank You!
Marcus M.
About three months ago, I had the worst time of my life because the fire incident at my house. In the same time, I've met Shelly from Statewide. She is the only one person that makes me feel better. She has helped me get through this tough time. She has worked hard to make sure that my house and my belongings were taken care of. Everytime I meet her I'll feel better and better. She is just like the angel in disguise. Because of her kindness and caring, I can trust her with all my heart. Thanks Shelly! I don't think I can make it without you. ♡
Saipin L.