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Fire/Smoke Damage Restoration

When a natural disaster hits your home or business, the aftermath can be disastrous due to fire, smoke, and/or even water damage. Depending on how long it took to put out the fire, your home or business might even be flooded. We have specialized personnel that will come on board and help you deal with the losses in these types of situations. Statewide Restoration will try to quickly and efficiently repair the damage done to your home or business. In the end, our goal is to make your personal property like new so that you won’t even be able to tell the difference by the time we’re finished.

Statewide Restoration provides full 24/7 emergency service and specializes in both fire and water damage restoration. This means that we’ll always be available and will always have the skills and equipment to repair and restore your personal property after it has suffered from fire or water damage. At all times, we put all of our effort in to try and restore your belongings rather than replace it.  We will do everything in our power to save as much of your belongings possible.

Steps to Take After a Fire

  • Be sure to limit your movement in the home. This will help keep soot particles from embedding themselves into the upholstery and carpets.
  • Keep your hands clean. You don’t want to make your walls, woodwork, and upholstery even more dirty by trying to clean them with dirty hands.
  • Cover upholstery, carpet traffic areas, and rugs with clean towels.
  • Empty your freezer and refrigerator, and prop the doors open, if your electricity goes out.
  • Place a light coat of petroleum jelly or oil over chrome surfaces. This will keep it clean and protect it from damage.
  • Wash your houseplants. Make sure you get both sides of the leaves.
  • Be sure to change your HVAC filter.
  • Cover air registers with double layers of cheesecloth. Tape them down.
  • Make sure you don’t wash any walls or painted surfaces, or shampoo upholstery or carpet without contacting us first.
  • Don’t use any canned food or beverages that may have been near the fire, extreme heat, or water.
  • Make sure not to clean or operate any electrical appliances that may have been near the fire without our supervision. It could be dangerous for you.
  • And finally, don’t just send your clothes to a dry cleaner, as this might actually make the smoky smell permanent.

The Cleanup Process

During cleanup, we take careful inventory of all your possessions and will help you determine what is lost and what is salvageable. Then the staff will begin to clean & restore everything we can. We use methods such as dry cleaning, wet cleaning, abrasive cleaning, immersive cleaning, and more to make your possessions look as good as new. If your home has suffered severe damage, we can help you move out quickly and efficiently until the house is safe and fully restored. We can even store your belongings from further damage in the meantime your home is being rebuilt. And if you have valuable documents or photographs in the house, we can save those too, using various processes such as dehumidifying, air drying, freeze drying, and thermal drying. We are betting you, that by the time we are done with your personal belongings, you will hardly be able to tell that your belongings had ever been damaged in the first place.